We, as humans, are not perfect. We are quite the opposite. Unfortunately for us, everyone expects perfection. Even if you think you don't, you do. People expect level-headed, rational, perfectly shaped, and proper individuals. People expect you not to throw a temper-tantrum, or have cellulite, or be dramatic because it might be inconvenient for them. That's just … Continue reading Imperfections


I wouldn't say I'm a full-fledged feminist, but I do believe in girl power. We have it tough in the workplace, at a car dealership, at the mechanic, at the bar, and in society in general. We get treated differently than men. We're too nice, too bitchy, too emotional, and we have a low pain … Continue reading Ladies

Stuck Georgia. my job. my desk. my apartment. ...with my writing. society. I am stuck and feel like I can't get out. It is a symptom that my life is about to change. It could be a change of heart or  a change of perspective. What I am doing is no longer working for … Continue reading Stuck