To come out on the other side of this week is simply a win for me.

I have found it to be a trend for some friends and coworkers as well. It’s been extremely tough to wake up morning after morning, come to a place that under appreciates and overloads, go home in a shit mood, fail to unwind, and get up and do the same thing over again the next day.

Such is life?

We can’t keep brushing off our problems and stressors. I know I’m stressed when my body physically screams it at me. A painful chest and tight breathing are signs of physical strain from stress. I haven’t felt it in months – maybe years – until this week. I’ve been in my head constantly and find it hard to be motivated at all. It has been, to put it frankly, a week from hell. I continue to notice the trend of the second half of this year: pain, sadness, coping, stress, move on, and glimmer of hope; repeat. I know I’ll get to a point of continued happiness and success, but I suppose I also have to get through the slumps that come with life.

I texted to my sister this week…

“I’m in a hole and feel like I can’t get out.”

We need to give ourselves a break. I am wired to go at least 90% on a bad day, and it’s hard on my mental capacity and well-being. I don’t like to half-ass things, and it can be a burden. I relate it to once being an athlete. We have an unparalleled drive that fuels us in everything we do.

We simply want to be appreciated. As human beings, that is a major yearning in our life.

I am not appreciated at work and it shows. It affects my home life where I cannot appreciate Michael, or my animals, or even having a place to live at all.

I will continue to work out my issues for myself, in therapy (new blog series coming), and with the help from the people I lean on the most. I am excited to push through weeks from hell to get to the weeks of bliss. I’m making a promise to myself to keep writing about the bad days…because it helps, and I hope it helps you.

I love you all.


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