Let Me Fix Your Crown

Why is everything a competition?

I cannot be the only one that asks myself this question. 

Who has the nicest car?

Who has the highest paying job?

Who has the prettiest home?

Who the fuck cares?

Why do we tend to be internal one-uppers? Or one-downers depending on how you look at it…

Why do you care if someone fails or succeeds? Why is your triumph greater, or your failure worse?

Are we really being kind if all we do is laugh at others’ downfalls and use them as a topic of conversation?

I want you to be aware of what you’re talking about, or who you’re talking about. Why are you celebrating a failure of someone else? Why are you secretly annoyed when someone gets something that you don’t have?

It doesn’t downplay your life or hard work.

Be kinder. Be happier. There is room here for everyone. Instead of talking shit when they fall, help them up, dust them off, and fix their damn crown for them.

We need each other.


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