Mild Salsa

When I’m in my feelings I turn to writing. No matter what it is. It can be about my relationships, about money, about family, or about work.

I am no poet, but my words tend to flow when my fingers hit the keyboard like nothing I’ve ever done before. Maybe how I used to tumble on beam – I guess it compares to that.

I’m in my feelings now…about everything; maybe also about nothing? Maybe I’m just bullshitting to make myself feel better.

I can tell when I’m pretty down on myself outwardly when Michael becomes more attentive to my lack of energy in the day-to-day. Therefore, I currently can tell I’m outwardly expressing my uneasiness about things. I couldn’t specifically tell you what things, but it’s clear to others that I’m just not myself. And not in a depressing, life sucks kind of way. It’s more of a mild salsa, no zest kind of way.

So here I am – writing. Walking into the blog world and closing the door to life. It’s how I always walked into the gym (sometimes dragged myself into the gym). Everything disappears. Clarity ensues. Then, I’ll walk out and everything rushes back. Life rushes back. Why, in this moment, am I dreading life rushing back?

Here’s to figuring out the world of mild salsa I’m in right now (and how to make it zestier).


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