Debt I Owe

Full disclosure…I’m broke. Too broke to buy a house. Too broke, at times, to go out to dinner. So broke I have 1 full time job and 2 side gigs to get me by.

I wrote this blog 2 years ago – exactly. It’s still very accurate. Here it goes…

This is bullshit. In that bullshit there are bright spots and feelings of gratitude and happiness. Also feelings of confusion and struggle.

Not just getting older, and holding down a job, and managing to live a healthy lifestyle; that is all stuff that I expect from myself. These are the parts that are easy.

Maintaining relationships, keeping up with family, and balancing expenses when shit hits the fan. These things are hard. These things don’t have a manual.

My life revolves around debt, and loans, and constant payments. I’m stressed about it every single day.

My cat, who I would do anything for, had been in a life-threatening condition for 2 months, exploded my credit card spending (worth it to save her sweet kitty life obviously). I had to decide between buying a bridesmaid dress or paying for school this month. My car is in dire need of repair. These things, people don’t warn you about. Sure, shit happens. Sure, emergencies happen. Yes people rack up loans and debt, but there is no surefire way of tackling all of these things when they are all consuming.

I look around and see people buying homes, planning for kids (or not planning), having extravagant weddings, and buying new cars. I am constantly amazed at the stable lives they lead, and wonder how they are making it happen.

No one talks about it

No one asks, “Hey, how much debt are you in?” It’s a closemouthed battle that people deal with in their own way. But no one is brave enough to discuss it. Is it embarrassing? Sure. For me? No. Mainly because I am 100% sure I am not the only one feeling overwhelmed by these life happenings. My blog has taught me this, and talking to others has taught me this.

If spending money on that $1200 purse, or buying a brand new car makes you happy, then DO IT! Who am I to judge? At this current moment in my life I am more concerned about my cats than I am about buying a home. They make me happy. A home won’t fill a void in my life. A dog might though.

Save to travel and to invest

Traveling is the shit! It’s thrilling, entertaining, and liberating. I have other obligations, but I want to experience so many places. Investing is smart.

This post is triggered by the countless number of people I know who are broke or struggling, but are often too embarrassed to admit it. Don’t worry though, I admitted it for you.

If you’re broke too…HIGH FIVE!

We got this.


One thought on “Debt I Owe

  1. As someone once said, “I had all these plans…and then life got in the way.” And then for some, there is that stiffleing, everpresent, overwhelming student loan debt. Just hang in, be your best, try not to let it get to you. Try to invest in your future, better times are coming

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