Wow! I am writing this a year after I attended the Women’s March in Atlanta on January 21, 2017 Let Us March. A day that changed my outlook and changed my life. As the year progressed I have tried to narrow down my options to one issue to spend my time and money on. The issue that means the most to me. I quickly found out that not only do they all mean a lot to me, but they are all under attack. This administration is making America white again, and that pisses me off. Women, minorities, education, environment, land, voting, Planned Parenthood, and others are in serious jeopardy. I have spent time and money on educating myself and helping different organizations fight for everything I believe in. And although I do not have a lot of money to spend, I am fully aware it is better spent on something I believe in than materialistic shit.

I will do more.

I vow that this year I will be better and I will work harder. For myself and for everyone else. Education is vital in understanding what is happening and what is at risk. I whole-heartedly believe this is a time in our nation that women will look back on and be proud.

We work hard. We speak out. We don’t give a damn what people think.

I am so proud to be here, in this time, fighting for equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunity. Women are the future, and you’re either with us or against us.

We will win.


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