In a world where everyone is just sooo busy this seems to be extremely accurate…


There are very few people in my life who would meet me for dinner with a couple days’ notice and not cancel at the last second. There are even fewer that would drop everything to be there when I desperately need them. It’s sad, really. In a world where everyone has a planner and every minute of the day is booked with “priorities” I think we forget that the people in our lives, relationships, and how you make your loved ones feel are really what’s important. Sure, working a 9-5 is the norm and you need to support yourself, but if you can’t make time for the people you care about, what’s the point?

If you treat people like they are disposable they will make it a point to dispose of you.

In a world where dating has dwindled down to apps and texts, it’s almost impossible to receive a phone call or have one answered. Priorities have switched from calling for a date to texting on a regular basis. If they don’t make you a priority…then bye.

Sure, I am guilty of bailing on people when I’m busy, sick, or have a fucking paper to write! But I manage to get my shit done most of the time because I hate bailing. In all reality…


Really though. You don’t leave a legacy from how much money you make, how much shit you have, or when you bought your first home. You live on in peoples’ hearts because of how you made them feel, or how much they relied on you to be a good person, or how much you love them even if some days you can’t stand them.

We all have friends that bail because they’re “too busy” or “something came up” and if you don’t have that friend…you are it.

If work is taking over your life, get up earlier so you have time in the evenings or you have a free day during the weekend. Meet someone for a morning workout or an after work cocktail. Relationships are important. The people you surround yourself with are important. They should be at the top of your list, not the bottom.

Quite frankly, the busier I am the more free time I have.

It’s called organization. I work harder so I have more time to do the things I enjoy (like drinking), with the people I enjoy.

If you don’t make your people a priority, one day you’ll look around and no one will be there.


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