There’s an App for That

As I am finally recovered from a couple blows to my confidence and self-esteem I am enjoying being by myself. I enjoy it more now than I ever have. I think it’s because I know I’m not really by myself. Although I spend a lot of time alone I have a ridiculous amount of people I call friends, and it’s a comforting feeling.

I would say the most satisfying part of being alone is not actually trying to date or talk to someone. It’s something that I’ve always noticed in women and men alike. If you are not “talking” (even texting) someone of the opposite sex, you are not satisfied, and society is shaming you.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t need to text someone with a penis to be happy, or feel complete. I would much rather talk to my cats than talk to a stranger, or someone who has bad intentions. I find it demeaning that we find texting and dating apps a boost of confidence. Why can’t we (especially women) do that on our own? Yes, I have experimented with the dating app world a couple times. I lasted about two weeks the first time, and two hours the second before I realized that it’s annoying, distracting, and a complete waste of time. I vowed I would never try it again. I’m more likely to meet someone I like in jail.

You literally sit there and shop for people on an app, but bitch about the dating world and how people act. Hi, that’s your own damn fault.

In a world where “talking” is the norm, and I get looked at like I have an extra eyeball when I say I’m not, no wonder no one wants to commit. We have made it so easy to date via texting and app chatting that we’ve decided it is satisfying enough. No one even has to go out on dates anymore. No one has to open doors anymore. Seriously, the next time you complain about the lack of chivalry, maybe you should evaluate the apps on your phone.

It’s hard enough being a woman. It’s even harder being a single woman. And it’s the hardest being a single woman who chooses it, and also chooses to be happy about it. I am the best version of myself right in this very moment. I have a damn good life. I can pretty much guarantee no one on an app will make me better. I’m just not that kind of girl.


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