I’ve been keeping my feet under me lately. I’ve been working hard, keeping a level head, and going with the always tedious flow. Getting to this point is usually the easy part, but staying here can be difficult for me.

I went rollerblading recently and I decided that was a good analogy for my life these days. I get my rhythm going, think it’s great, then I speed down a hill, lose all control, and hit the ground so hard I’ll be bruised for days. Or I have a solid stride, hit a rock, and everything is thrown off. Then, look around to see if anyone saw me make a mistake and keep going regardless if people judge me. That is my life. That is probably you’re life too.

I mean seriously, did I want to keep going? Hell no. My ass and ankle still hurt. Did I keep going? Yes because, well, I refuse to be a quitter – even when I’m blading. If I come away with one thing in this life, it’s to never quit.

People quit every day. When something gets hard, when they fall on their ass (figuratively or literally), when they don’t want to deal with someone, when it’s time to really evaluate things it’s so much easier to throw the towel in than to persevere through the ugly circumstances. It’s way too easy to take the path most traveled in this case.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

You have to put time and effort into life. Into the things you really, really want. The things that will ultimately make your life better, and make you a better person for the effort. I would rather hold on too long, than to be defined as a letting go too early. I would rather set unimaginable dreams and not reach them than not try at all.

I regret things I have and haven’t done, but I don’t know if I can ever say I regret sticking something out I thought was worth it – even if it ended badly. I may be sore, have some gravel in my knees, and have a huge bruise, but I’m satisfied knowing I gave it everything I could. If the road less traveled means working harder than everyone else is willing to, and you can look back on a situation and feel good about yourself, you chose the right…

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

-Robert Frost

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