I wouldn’t say I’m a full-fledged feminist, but I do believe in girl power. We have it tough in the workplace, at a car dealership, at the mechanic, at the bar, and in society in general. We get treated differently than men. We’re too nice, too bitchy, too emotional, and we have a low pain tolerance. It’s something we’ve grown accustomed to, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

I am only 1 of 2 females in my position at work. I am doing “man’s work.” No it’s not physical labor, but it’s editing, producing, hosting shows online. It’s tedious, stressful at times, and if I make a crucial mistake I could lose the company thousands of dollars. Women tend to crack under pressure, right?

I do my part, I listen, I’m on time, I take criticism, I do just as much work as them, and they’re perceived as better. I’m the first female in this wing of the office in years, and they tend to forget that when they call someone a “dumb bitch.” I remind them that I am also a female but it doesn’t make me dumb. I have yet to hear him call a guy “a dumb bastard.”

Luck and timing have a lot to do with it, but I also work my ass off. I’ve always worked my ass off. I graduated with honors from a fairly prestigious university (in education and prosthetics, none of which I majored), a 3.5 GPA, survived 4 years of division 1 athletics, worked two jobs for years after school, and I am still perceived as the incompetent gender. How is that fair?

We do it to each other.

We, as females, are mean to each other. We lie, we sneak, we cheat, we’re judgy, we call each other horrible names, and we take our very sharp knives and dig them into each other’s backs. We do these things to make it to the top of whatever totem pole we’re trying to climb. Even in a position of power, women tend to be intimidating, degrading, and controlling to get the respect they deserve.

Why do we have to be malicious and disrespectful to each other as women, when men are following that lead? Why do we have to lie and do shady things, when men do those things to us?

If we are walking around with our bitch faces on demeaning our own gender don’t you think men will do it too, and it will happen in every aspect of life?

So, in the first instance, men have it better. They get the respect that they demand and deserve in the workplace. But women, women get labeled as bitches when we demand respect. However, it’s become acceptable in the way of society. No one talks about it, but we all feel it.

In the second instance, we allow it to happen. We get called names by each other when we say the wrong things, or look at the wrong person. We don’t always speak up when we have it happen to us, or see it happening to those around us.

It’s tough being a woman growing up in a society where men are overpowering and women are cruel. No one talks about it. It may not be life-threatening, or a political issue, but it’s an issue none-the-less. We can argue that it has come a long way, and it has. But sitting at work surrounded by all men…that makes me think otherwise.




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