Career Path

What happened to wanting to be a doctor, a vet, a firefighter, a teacher, even a movie star? A career in which you set your sights on long before the journey even really begins? Do I love my job? Sure. Will I do it forever? Probably not, but I’ll stay in the production field because that’s what I really enjoy!

As I scroll through social media I constantly run into the workout fads of CrossFit, bodybuilding, and just your average workout mirror selfie picture (whatever the right term for a workout “let me take a picture of myself” slang is). I recently saw a post from an acquaintance that really pissed me off, and that leads to this rant…


I love the gym. I’ve been going to a gym since I was 4. I’ve used muscles most people don’t even know exist. I’ve used muscles I didn’t even know existed. As an athlete whether it was dance, gymnastics, and now enjoying the LA Fitness sauna – I always did those things for myself. They made me feel good and they still do. But for some reason people have taken my joy and pleasure of working out and trying to live a healthy lifestyle and turned it into a selfish, money-making ritual. Isn’t it enough to just do it for yourself rather than to gain followers and money?

I know true professional athletes in CrossFit who are great! They also OWN a business and rake in endorsements. They will be able to support themselves long after they are done competing. I know athletes who have competed in fitness competitions and didn’t put a damn thing on social media because it was a personal goal and choice. I know people who have documented every inch of their journey on social media, and that’s not even the part that bothers me. They are still doing it for themselves, and most are quite successful in whichever endeavor they choose.

Sometimes people need motivation through social media support, and I get that, but if you’re trying to motivate others to do the same things you are by blowing up social media it’s not working. Let me be clear…

I am not interested in your lifestyle, nor am I interested in your monthly income and you should not share that with the world.

Seriously stop rubbing your life in my face (yes I unfollow everyone who does this and I like it better that way).

This leads into needing affirmation, via Facebook, that you are successful, which is annoying. Since when did social media turn into “oh look at me, my life is so great because I workout and put it up for all to see 8 billion times a day!”? Is it though? If you don’t love what you do whether it be CrossFit, raising money for charities, or a good ole 9-5 that supports your lifestyle, you will always search for affirmation. Someone to tell you that you’re special, that you’re doing it all right, when in fact that’s not true.

  1. You aren’t special (that’s the mindset to have in a cut throat world where job security is not ideal). Someone can swoop in and take your shit in a heartbeat – remember that.
  2. There’s no such thing as “doing it all right.”
  3. In all honesty, in complete and utter truthfulness…no one gives a shit about what you’re doing (I obviously will omit close friends and family from that statement because they care). In general people are selfish creatures and will compare their lifestyle to yours.
  4. So if you think flashing your income out there, or saying you work for some high-class doctor’s office will peak an interest, I can pretty much guarantee people will be more irritated than in awe.

We all work hard. We’ve all been through the grind of school, and moving, and life in general. We all choose what we do with ourselves. Please leave us in peace if we choose not to join the world of fitness fads.


One thought on “Career Path

  1. I feel every word that you have expressed. I can appreciate the work that people do to become sucessful. We all want to reach that goal. BUT!! You DO NOT need to “flaunt” your achievements such as income (if you even want to call it flaunting). Social media has become sickening. Yes, I admit that I post on social media. But typically it’s just to show how I am enjoying life, not for what I will gain from a simple click of a button someone gives. Who cares???!!! And honestly, that does not make you popular if that is what you are looking for. It makes me laugh and probably say something inappropriate.

    I th8nk it’s great people are achieving goals and/or dreams. You should be excited to share the information. But jeep it to those who actually care. The world does not care about you. People really only care about themselves.

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