Choose Wisely

It’s difficult to remember that we have the ability to make our own decisions about who and what we want in our lives. There are circumstances that are uncontrollable, but for the most part we can control our happiness, our company, and ourselves. As I continue to assess my admittingly unstable yet uneventful life, I begin to understand that quality is much greater than quantity in the friend department. I am extremely fortunate to have irreplaceable people in my life and they all far exceed my expectations. The whole, “you are the company you keep” grows truer the older I get. Your company truly becomes your character, and I’ve witnessed some negative changes in people I once loved and some positive changes in myself.

I have made some great friends throughout my life. Some who I have grown to love, some who started off rough, and some who clicked right from the moment we met. A few have come and gone, but those who are still around will be here forever.

You choose your friends, and the ones I chose have become nothing short of family.

Hometown Friends


These are my most stable friends.

These 4 have seen it all from the age of 12. They know my family, they know exactly who I am, and they know how to kick my ass if I need it. The great thing about them is that I can be myself. I am truly the most comfortable around these people. I love spending time with them and their families, as we’ve all witnessed each other grow from awkward teenagers to badass adults.



Sure, there have been gaps through college, and big girl jobs, but we always find ourselves getting together as often as possible. There is never a dull moment, and I laugh the hardest with them. They are successful in their own ways and give me the best advice when I’m hitting rock bottom. They are my lifelines when I’m in trouble and I can rely on them, always.



College Friends


These girls set the bar pretty high when it comes to friendship.

Every single person I became friends with in college live in a different state, so when we are finally able to connect in person it’s hard to leave.

I appreciate them so much not only because they accept me for who I am, but also because they grew up with me through a pivotal point in my life. College is such a strenuous adjustment, especially when you’re hundreds of miles from home. You need a group of friends, and not only did I have that, but they became my family.



They all seem to have their lives somewhat together. They are very ambitious, which they get from gymnastics. Most are in med school, some are getting their masters/doctorates, and some are already in the profession they chose years before. They show great examples with the relationships in their lives and a few are getting married this year. We find ourselves having meaningful conversations and there is never any drama (with roughly 10 girls in a circle of friends, that’s pretty amazing). We appreciate what we’ve all been through, and know that each of us worked hard for what we have already accomplished. To see someone crying over biology as a freshman in college to becoming a resident in med school is pretty unbelievable.


They are showing me how life is supposed to come together if I work hard, love harder, and appreciate what I have. I often think I went to school at Eastern Michigan to meet the group of people that I did. They are some of my best, most intelligent, driven, down-to-earth, true friends.


Atlanta Friends



These are the people I’ve come to love and appreciate over the 3 1/2 years I’ve been home. 

Luckily for me these girls are accepting. I met them through a mutual friend, and it’s been rocky to say the least. There’s been drama, tears, chaos, and arguments more so than other groups of friends. However, we have managed to stick together through it all, which makes me appreciate them even more.


These are the people that know everything I’ve been struggling with post-college. They’ve seen me at my worst, my most upset, and my happiest. They have taught me that feeling lost as a 20-something is completely normal, and they inspire me to do what makes me happy.


They have seen me grow from a somewhat unstable girl to a borderline thriving adult. Having dinners, brunches, and wine nights with them save me from myself. They keep me sane in all aspects of my life. Some have moved to different cities and I love to visit! They all persevere in their respective careers and make significant strides in achieving what they want. They have known me the shortest amount of time but are the most giving and caring friends I have. I would be lost without them.



As we become older, busier, and fill our lives with responsibility it’s easy to put relationships on the backburner. We think our friends will never leave us or they won’t care if we bail over and over. We often take for granted the people in our lives who love us the most. However, life is short and those people can be gone at a moment’s notice whether it is moving for a new job, or God forbid, death. Take the time to prioritize and balance all the things in your life. That person who you once thought would be there forever could be gone tomorrow. If you find yourself straying from a positive and healthy lifestyle, take a good hard look at whom you’re spending your time with. Choose your people wisely.


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