One thing I’ve learned from experience…

We are all replaceable.

At work, with friends, in a higher education program, with a significant other. There’s always someone just as capable to take your place.

It’s terrifying.

The thought of someone attaining the things you’ve worked so hard, or you think you’ve worked hard for, can be intimidating. They may have worked harder, treated people better, or had good luck or timing on their side.

How to be replaced.

You might find yourself getting complacent, comfortable, or cocky. You may think your significant other won’t leave, or no one will be as qualified for your position at work. That’s a good way to end up exactly where you don’t want to be.

There’s always more to learn.

Take life into your own hands. Take an online class, volunteer, ask your boss for more projects, study harder, drink less, communicate more, commit to the ones you love.

Make yourself irreplaceable. 



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