Yeah, I’m Different.

I have slammed, locked, and bolted the door when it comes to guys who “don’t know what they want.” The ones who miss you, call you, then go running to another girl the second you tell them how you feel (and this other girl has no clue about you). I am not interested in the emotional distress that comes with that phrase. Raise your hand if you’ve been there. Raise both hands and give yourself a high five if you happily let them go because that is way easier said than done and I admire you. My roomie said, “Guys are like waffles. They compartmentalize things in their lives, so it makes it easier for them to move on. Women are like a big plate of spaghetti where everything runs together and gets all messy.” I want to be a damn waffle!

The men that use this line are needy, immature, and a pain in my ass. I am not the type to bow down and do whatever you want. In the south I get tossed to the side and replaced by someone who will bow down fairly quickly, and that’s cool. I cuss A LOT, I have no filter, pink is my least favorite color, I would rather go to a sporting event over a nice dinner, I love football to the extent of standing on a chair and yelling at the TV, and I like wearing jeans and a t-shirt on a daily basis. I have accepted the fact that I am unlike most women, and most guys like most women (i.e. not me).

It’s difficult for those of us who don’t claim to be “basic” or a “girly girl.” We are stubborn badasses who really don’t care what you think. We are the hardest to handle in the, “I’ll take care of you” department because we are professionals at taking care of ourselves. Yes, we still like jewelry, an expensive bottle of perfume, and hearing that we’re beautiful. Don’t get confused; we need to be treated like a lady. But for us, if we like you and are dating you, it means we like you more than we like our alone time. Personally, my alone time is a top priority. If you have convinced one of us to spend time with you rather than time alone, we salute you.

One of the most important things about this type of girl is knowing we don’t need you around, we want you around. Once you are gone, you are gone forever. Number blocked, name forgotten, a simple memory from that one time that one year. If you burn us, it’s hard to repair.

Being this type of female, we are perceived as having a tough personality. That is true, but we also have feelings. We may not show them as much as a normal human being, but they are there.

In describing all of that…I will not wait for you, I will not stay for you, and I will not be hurt or offended if you decide you want someone who will. As I get older, I have realized that I might click with someone but it takes a certain kind of person to click with me. If they don’t prefer my hardheaded, blunt, and lack of giving a shit personality, that’s okay. It takes a very funny, secure and patient man to put up, and keep up, with me.

I do not care if you think I’m doing things the wrong way. I do not care if you call me names or judge me. I certainly do not care about your opinions regarding me.

It’s my life, and I will live it the best way I see fit.



One thought on “Yeah, I’m Different.

  1. Sabrina,
    I know what you mean, as I too was once a badass girl, and I think I still am! Anyway, one day you’ll meet someone who is looking for a grown up, independent woman. You just need to find a grown up, independent man first! I did and you will too.

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