Whirlwind: A weather phenomenon in which a vortex of wind (a vertically oriented rotating column of air) forms due to instabilities and turbulence created by heating and flow (current) gradients.

Life has a funny way of unloading everything unfortunate all at once. I have had quite the week, and it feels like days since I’ve genuinely laughed or smiled. It’s been a Whirlwind of a hot mess. In a world where millions have no food or shelter this all may seem minuscule. However, in the matter of 4.5 days I seem to have had some bad karma come my way. Maybe some of you can relate…


  1. I’ll start with how the moving company I hired was 4 hours late. FOUR HOURS LATE. Seriously? They did work extremely hard, but the fact that they didn’t leave until 9:30 PM and I still had to assemble my bed was infuriating.
  2. I had a stye on each eye from Friday-Sunday. If you have never had one let me put it to you like this…it hurts to blink, it hurts to open your eyes, it hurts to have them closed, they’re red, swollen, and sore. Basically spent my free time with a washcloth on my face all weekend.
  3. I left my lunch sitting on the counter and went to go get it during my lunch break. I get to my apartment and realize my keys are in my jacket at work. The office didn’t have a spare. Fail.
  4. I have yet to unpack the last load of shit in my trunk. Vacuum, lamp, pictures, swiffer, cleaning supplies, shelves. I opened it after work and my bleach spilled everywhere.
  5. A DVD has been stuck in my laptop since Sunday night. It plays every time I hit the eject button.
  6. The Redskins lost to the Cowboys on Monday night. At home. In the most embarrassing way humanly possible.
  7. I almost hit a deer on my way home from the game. Close enough to where I almost stopped to make sure I didn’t clip it’s leg. Then, I cried.
  8. Phone died over night. Therefore, no alarm for work this morning. Cried again.

Now here are some signs that my luck is turning around…

  1. The brilliant, amazing, awesomely talented tech guy, Scott, at work fixed my DVD problem.
  2. Free Krispy Kreme in the break room.
  3. I met a fellow Redskins fan to watch the games with. I might have to force them to watch with me, but it’ll happen.
  4. I did win my Fantasy Football game this week.
  5. Work is slowing down for the Holidays.
  6. My roommate is the shit.
  7. I’m going to Denver this weekend.
  8. I didn’t forget my lunch today.

Let me say the Krispy Kreme situation was perfection. Thank you to whoever brought those in.

I’m trying extremely hard not to lose my mind during this hectic Holiday season. I will be procrastinating on my Christmas shopping, so if you end up with socks it means I really really care about you.


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