Choose A New Perspective

In the past I’ve been defined as a bitch, unapproachable, and negative which is true in most cases. I tend to be cold, unaccepting of people, and emotionally cut off until it all builds up and I explode with craziness. These are things that make me who I am, but also hinder my happiness. Sometimes you can’t change everything you don’t like about yourself: your body, mind, personality traits. But you can change your perspective on things you can’t control.

A lot has changed for me within the last few weeks. The biggest change I’ve endured is my ability to take something unpleasant, and shine some sort of light on it. I use it as motivation to move on, work harder, make better decisions for myself, say yes to freelance work even if it means I work 17 hour days, and make more money (ain’t nothing wrong with that).

I have been training my mind to see only the good in every situation. By having that perspective I’ve become happier, friendlier (if y’all can believe it), and more accepting of the cards the universe decides to deal me. This is leading me to open myself up to new job opportunities, new people, and potentially a new city. I strongly recommend everyone give it a try!


I like to believe that certain doors close so others can open. You can’t move forward until you choose to.


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