More Like David

“Did you hear what happened to David?” My heart stopped when my friend asked me that on Monday because I knew the news would be horrible. Memories came flooding back before I could even process what was next…”He passed away in a motorcycle accident.” I didn’t let myself feel anything. Instead I focused on remembering every single moment of time I spent with him.

David was a friend. A good friend who I met when I was 17. We spent everyday together. We lost touch over the years, along with our group of friends from back then, but that didn’t erase the friendship we shared. He became family at one point, a brother. It all seems so long ago and the friends I have today didn’t know him. It was a friendship that grew apart and I regret it, which is a harsh reality I have to live with.

He had a smile that could light up an entire city. It was electric. It was contagious. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. He was funny, smart, charismatic, and my god he loved everyone. There was not a single person who met him that didn’t instantly bond with him. He always had a huge heart and it was never more prevalent than on October 27, 2015.

I went to the funeral that day (why this post is coming a day late). I got there just before 6pm and watched as his dad, brothers, friends, and mom tell stories about what a wonderful person he was. I watched his 3 year old son run around the chapel looking up every time someone spoke his name. His wife sang for him; it was majestic and heart wrenching.

More than all of that, there were easily over 100 people there (I’m sure a couple hundred couldn’t make it). That’s how many lives David touched in 25 years of life. That’s how many people he loved, and loved him.

I learned so much from him not only in life, but in death. He brought so much light when everything was dark. I strive to be more like that. We all need to be more like David. We owe it to ourselves, our friends, our family, and to him. Even if you never knew him.

Life is precious and so are the people in it. Rest In Peace my sweet friend.


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