A very wise mentor once told me, “It is about the memories. You have them to hold onto forever.” Nothing in my life has rang more true. We all work to make money, sacrifice our happiness for others, and become extremely materialistic. The part we often forget during the chaos of life is that memories last a lifetime.

Money comes and goes, new job opportunities pop up, and the possessions we have go out of style. I try to live by a few key elements to make sure I’m happy and have great memories to remember on my deathbed.

How good moments become great memories…

Be around uplifting, positive people.

People suck. Find the good ones and stick with them. Quality over quantity in this department.


Save up for that extravagant destination, or go visit a friend in a different city.

Try new things.

A cooking class or volunteer on the weekends (it’s way cheaper than drinking).

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

If you’re scared, do it anyway. If you fail miserably…at least you made an attempt.

Do whatever the hell you want.

It’s your life. You will live and you will die, so live the way you want no matter how many people think you’re insane!



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