The Single Friend

I have recently found myself the only single female I know. I was bitching to my friend the other day about how I feel like the anti-Christ with my friends who have a significant other (all of them). It’s especially difficult in the South where if you’re over the age of 24 and single, you’re looked at like you have three eyeballs. I’m in that category.


I don’t want to speak for the rest of the single population (which seems to be 4%) but here are some things y’all should know…

I often get left out of things.

I don’t get invited because I’m a single, not a double. If I do get invited I tend to be a third, fifth, or seventh wheel.

I don’t enjoy reading mushy posts on social media.

I get it. You mushy people are allowed to be that way. You’re happy! So why can’t you believe that us single folk are also happy?

I’m a better version of myself when I’m alone.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t love to find someone just as capable to deal with me, but for now I’m doing a damn good job.

I feel no pressure to settle down.

Settling is a terrifying reality all too common in society. It’s not my time to settle and I’m okay with that.

I take pride in being alone.

As someone who rarely dates, I am alone a lot. I strongly dislike people, and I strongly dislike dating. Therefore, it’s hard to find someone I’m compatible with. With that being said, I’ve learned to be independent and rely on my impeccable skills with things like hanging curtain rods or opening pickle jars. Who needs a man for that?

So, to the girls who get labeled “the single friend” it’s okay to be alone! Wear the shit out of that label. Be proud that you have enough stability in your life to be single and to be happy with yourself.


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