That Resting Bitch Face


Damn. It’s a tough life being the outgoing introvert with a resting bitch face. That was the most “first world problem” sentence I’ve ever typed, but there are people who understand the struggle.

For instance:

When people ask if you’re okay.

Yes! If we’re not okay it’s probably because we don’t like you.

When someone tells you they have a resting bitch face too.

No you don’t. That’s like telling someone you’re super unique…you’re probably not.

When you get less attention than the always bubbly, loud laughing, jumping bean in the room.

Don’t fret. She’s annoying and everyone will quickly learn that too.

And the worst one…

When people tell you to smile more.

No! We don’t want to because it physically hurts.

The most difficult thing you can do as someone with a resting bitch face is try really, really, really hard to smile all the time. It’s not good for us, and we don’t want to work that hard.


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