16 Things You Should Do in Your Mid-20s

We all feel alone and lost in our 20s so here are some things you should do to make yourself feel less alone and more like everyone else…

  1. Take so many selfies.
  2. Go to Starbucks everyday and order the venti low fat, no whip, triple shot latte, with soy milk.
  3. Air out your dirty laundry on social media.
  4. Tinder dates.
  5. Date Tinder guy until you realize he’s an asshole.
  6. More Tinder dates.
  7. Get a dog.
  8. Go everywhere you think your ex will be.
  9. Tell everyone you’re unique, selfless, and brutally honest.
  10. Pretend you like everyone you meet, even the people you can’t stand.
  11. Avoid all conflict.
  12. Over exaggerate everything ever.
  13. Snapchat everything ever.
  14. Get another dog.
  15. Go out at least twice every weekend.
  16. Brunch and Netflix for dayyssss.

Man, mid-20s are brutal.


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